The Earth's horizon taken from the Mezosphere

About This Course

This course provides an overview of the suborbital space environment.  As pilots, crews, and passengers approach space or descend homeward they will be travelling through Earth’s atmosphere. To better understand this journey, each of the major thermal divisions of the atmosphere starting at sea level with the troposphere and ascending through the stratosphere and upwards to the exosphere and magnetosphere are described. Definitions of key altitude milestones, the Karman line, and suborbital spaceflight are provided. The course also discusses solar activity, geomagnetic conditions, ionospheric conditions, atomic oxygen, meteoroids and debris, and where to obtain space weather information services. 

The Idea

Beyond Blue Aerospace was established in January 2010 as a federal (Canadian) corporation to provide products and services for aviation, rocketry, and spaceflight.

The primary operational goal of Beyond Blue Aerospace (BBA) is to develop an efficient and reusable suborbital vehicle capable of takeoff and landing like a conventional aircraft.

The Offerings

To help fund our research and development efforts, as well as contribute to aviation, rocketry, and spaceflight, BBA has chosen to create an online education portal and shop.

Every attempt will be made to provide a cross section of services and products that complement the corporate mandate.

100% Beyond Blue

The aim is to offer products and services directly created and provided by BBA resources.

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Learning Outcomes

The learner will gain a fundamental understanding of the Suborbital Space Environment and how it can impact the performance and safety of a spacecraft and its crew. Key learning takeaways are an improved familiarity with the divisions of the atmosphere, defining the boundary to space, and understanding space weather. 

First in a Four Course Series

This is the first course in our for part Suborbital Spaceflight Ground School Series. Check out:

  • High Altitude Operations
  • Suborbital Rockets
  • Space Law

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